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About Premier Slinger Solutions

Premier Slinger Solutions has mastered the art of transporting, placing, and leveling aggregate materials. Our cutting-edge method ensures that items are precisely placed without causing damage to your property or to the environment. We can lay gravel, sand, dirt, wood chips, and other materials just where you want them, even in those hard-to-reach places. Premier Slinger Solutions has the unique ability to work around, over, or under obstacles from up to 100 feet (31 metres) away without intruding on grass, pavement. The Premier Slinger Solutions team has contributed to our solid reputation for safety, efficiency, and dependability.

We’re a small, cohesive company with low overhead, allowing us to remain incredibly competitive on any project size. We get our supplies from local providers directly and pass the savings on to you. We’ll get the work done well, whether it’s a large-scale construction project or a backyard landscape project. Do you have work that needs to be completed right away? We frequently schedule work for the same day or the next day at no additional cost. It’s simply part of our company’s culture and dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Premier Slinger Solutions

The Advantages of Using Stone Slingers in Your Building Projects

An aggregate or stone slinger can sling your material up to 100 feet (31 metres) from the slinger truck and in many cases, high enough to sling over a single-story dwelling.

Stone Slingers, also known as Aggregate Slingers or Rock Slingers, allow for the delivery and placement of product where space may be limited or inaccessible to a gravel truck. If you need your product where it is too small for a gravel truck to get to, or across ground you’d rather the truck doesn’t drive over, our Slinger Trucks can often work from an open area and Sling the product through, or over the area and right to where you need it. A Gravel Truck on the other hand, can only dump the material behind their truck, however far away from your end destination that is. This often results in you handling the product multiple times with Labourers, wheelbarrows or other expensive equipment thus increasing your Fuel, Equipment and Labour costs while often adding days to the job.

With their rapid speeds, Stone Slingers assist projects with staying on track and on budget, by decreasing labour costs and eliminating or minimizing the need for additional equipment to be on site. With our ability to unload up to 17 tons (15,400 kgs) of gravel, sand, soil or whatever material you need, right where you need it in 15 to 20 minutes. We can turn a job that would typically take hours or even days to complete, into mere minutes, without additional labour or euipment costs.

Stone slingers not only save time, but they also save money by removing the need for human labor, shovels, wheelbarrows, and overtime. When compared to having a complete crew distribute materials by hand, hiring Premier Slinger Solutions is a far more cost effective solution.

Thanks to our Multi-Directional throw conveyor that allows us to place material exactly where you need it, our Stone Slingers can deliver your materials to the precise location and depth you need, even in hard to reach locations.

 Compared to delivery using a Gravel Truck, which will often result in material waste and / or loss, using a Stone Slinger wastes less material by placing it where you need it, directly from the truck, also saving you on clean up costs.

There is less of a mess to clean up once we have finished your job because of the exact placement of materials resulting in less waste. This shortened clean up time will also help you finish your job in less time, saving you both time and money.

Rather than driving a large dump truck onto your lawn and perhaps tearing it up, our stone slinger trucks can stay on the road, or the driveway, while being able to sling or shoot your material to the spot you want it, up to 100 feet (31 metres) away.

stone slinger shooting gravel for foundation Premier Slinger Solutions

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